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Don’t Forget An Electrical Inspection Before Buying A New House


Planning to buy a new house? Well, if it’s a pre-owned house, don’t forget to get an electrical inspection done by Electrician Phoenix before you finalize things.

Why an electrical inspection?

Well, it’s better always to figure things out at initial stage only. When, you know all the defects (if any), you can consider negotiating the purchase price with the dealer. You can get the repairs done timely and get the expenses covered by your seller. In cases where the defects are hazardous you can cancel the deal altogether. You should know what you are buying. It’s your whole and sole duty.

Danger of avoiding electrical inspection:

Even, after knowing the importance of an electrical inspection people skip this major step. It is a very irresponsible act of such home buyers. They put themselves in acute danger sometimes with this decision. Only a professional and experienced home inspector carries out this kind of essential electrical inspection. Their decisions and reports are accurate and unbiased. National electric codes and rules should be met to pass an electrical inspection. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can’t think of expanding the electrical load of your house in near future. Instead, get everything checked thoroughly beforehand.

Benefits of an electrical inspection:

  • You get to know the capacity of the electric panel by this process. It will reveal the ability of the electric panel and the amount of load it can support.
  • An electric panel should be such that, you can increase your usage of energy without getting a circuit break. Make sure its future ready
  • If, the panel is faulty and contains broken components, you will get to know this through the inspection report.
  • Home automation is trendy and makes a place very comfortable. Plan accordingly for issues like this as well.​
Electrician Phoenix
  • Wiring that is 10 years older is not secure. Like any other objects wires too have an expiry. They just don’t last for a lifetime. Old wires are not reliable at all you see.
  • Inspection will reveal the status of electrical switches and electrical support plates as well. Broken, low quality, untested and burnt switches are a complete no-no.
  • Checks if there are enough faceplates for further usages.

Know the whole status of a house:

Cases where this task was forgotten or avoided got very complicated in past. You are risking your family’s life here as, there can be a fire in such an un-inspected house anytime due to an electricity fault.

Skipping this essential aspect can cause you a lot more financial losses. Your modern and expensive electrical appliances can be damaged if, the wiring is not proper. Inspections are better both, when you buy or even sell a property. Don’t put others at risk. Wiring which is old and weak should be redone for better results. Hire the best and only a licensed electrician for this work. Wires should be checked for any signs of damages. Old plastic wires deteriorate with passing time. Modern non metallic wires are fantastic. They have high performance of working. You will reduce your utility bills with them easily.

Entire house should have adequate number of electrical outlets. Extra fittings should be there for future use. All wires should be healthy and tested. Switches should be in a proper working condition. The lights and bulb fittings should be enough in every part of the house. In cases where, light fittings are proper do check if they light up smoothly. If the switches spark or the bulbs buzz and flicker it’s not a good sign at all. It indicates that they are not maintained or the entire wiring work is a culprit. We wish you move into a happy and healthy house for your safety.

Benefits Of Hiring A Licensed Electrician


Will you ever visit a health practitioner, who is not certified and does not own a practicing license at all? The answer will definitely be a big no. When you can’t put your health at any risk then, why you put your life at a huge risk by hiring an unlicensed electrician? We understand electricity related emergency situations. But, even then you ask for references right? You call up few people, search on internet or try to find an experienced electrician in your locality itself. Do you think asking for their license will take a lot of your time? No, it won’t! So, make it mandatory to ask for their license first. Electrician Phoenix are one of them who always owns a license.

Always hire a licensed electrician. It has vast number of wonderful benefits like:

  • Qualified- To get a license an electrician has to write various papers about this field. They need to clear a full series of tests to reach that level. State grants a license only if an electrician have completed the required amount of training hours fully. A licensed electrician is fully and truly experienced. No reviews or references are required before you hire such a skilled professional. He got clearance by his great knowledge in this field.
  • Updated- All licensed electricians need to attend regular classes according to the state rules. They get to know about all the modern ways of working there. They also get introduced to new technologies in these follow up sessions. Present safety measures and complications are also revealed during this visit. If you hire a licensed electrician then you can just sit and relax as this guy knows and follows all safety rules and codes. They work in an organized manner and know full details of the state security codes. You get a secure service that is according to the government norms.​
Electrician Phoenix
  • Best materials- A licensed electrician will have required knowledge of the raw materials to be used during your work. Supplies can be purchased through their contacts at reasonable prices. This is because, suppliers know licensed electricians and even give them discount. A professional licensed electrician will advise you to purchase best quality of products for a long lasting result. They will know how to get things done in just one shot. You can save money on their service here too! Save your time as, they work very efficiently and quickly. They have dealt with all complex issues and know how to tackle with them.
  • Auxiliary kits- They carry the best and updated auxiliary kits to perform their work. It saves your precious time. The tools from their auxiliary kits enable them to fix the repairs or get the replacements done more efficiently and at a very faster pace.
  • Accountability- The accountability of a licensed electrician is very high. They attain basic insurance and other related requirements. Your house is insured indirectly if, you hire a licensed electrician. So, don’t think a regular electrician can ever match the characteristics of a licensed electrician.
  • Clear inspections- If, you wish to sell your house, a licensed electrician can help you get a very good price for it. The expert and professional electrical work they do with get your electrical inspection cleared without any issues.
  • Safety- You can increase the level of electrical safety in your house by hiring a licensed electrician. These electricians take full responsibility of their work and of any damages caused during their course of work. Only guaranteed services are provided by such professionals.
  • Reachable- A licensed electrician owns a proper office, from where you can reach him in case of a fault. High quality of service can be achieved and you can have full satisfaction by hiring a licensed electrician.

Meaning Behind Star Ratings On Electrical Items


Many electrical household appliances, like refrigerator and air conditioner, are now seen with stars on them. There are 1 to 4 stars on them, and all of them vary. For someone who can afford those kinds of appliances, it is often heard that we should buy only those which have 3 or more than 3 stars on them. But have we ever wondered why? The meaning behind the stars is efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the more the star rating. The appliance with a higher star rating is guaranteed to consume less electricity as compared to appliances with a lower star rating. To explain further the meaning of these star ratings, let us take an example of a fridge. A fridge consumes electricity for twenty four hours each day. It is the highest electricity consuming appliance in the household. It is essential for keeping food fresh as new and cold. To a fridge, stars are awarded under volume categories of litres. For example, each category of 100 litre fridges has its own star rating, depending on its efficiency, litre-wise. A fridge that has higher stars consumes less electricity. So, a fridge of 100 litres having 5 stars means it consumes less electricity than all the other less than 5 stars-rated fridges in the 100 litre category. All of the various appliances have different energy star ratings.

The manufacturers are required to put on the energy star rating labels on all of their electronic appliances. These star ratings help consumers educate themselves and spread awareness about the efficiency of the product and to use more energy efficient products. The ratings are updated timely. A lot of norms and standards have to be followed for rating an appliance. There are some appliances which need to have a star rating and others that don’t need any. The appliances which need a star rating are:

  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators
  • Color TV
  • Tubular florescent lamps
  • Distribution transformer
  • CST AC
  • Electric Geyser
Electrician Phoenix

There are small as well as big labels. Big labels are used mostly on refrigerators, geysers, air conditioners and washing machines. These labels also indicate the approximate consumption of energy units per year. Big labels indicate that the appliance consumes more energy as various other appliances. Small labels are found on appliances which consume relatively less energy, like ceiling fans, computers, laptops, tube lights, and television. Big labels also indicate the appliance/type, brand name, model/year, cooling capacity o the appliance (if air conditioner or fridge), its power consumption, whether it has a variable speed compressor or not, and whether it has a heat pump or not. All the labels have a label period, where the dates are printed for the validity of the label. All the labels need to have a trademark for validity.

There are many cases where big companies have failed in energy rating tests. Some have even failed to live up to the energy rating they showed on the label. So, energy rating labels are very reliable in nature. Also, as a manufacturer, it is their duty to show you good quality and energy efficient products. It is also their responsibility to not sell you defective products.Its good to always call Electrician Phoenix if want energy efficient electric appliances for home.

But, as a consumer, it is your responsibility to ask for better and energy efficient products.Also, you should always check the appliances before buying. Check for any sign of fake labels or even any minor defects. As a consumer it is your right to have better products. Using energy efficient products will help save electricity, especially for the coming generation. It is our duty to be sustainable and save energy.

Most Common Issues While Installing Window Air Conditioners


Window air conditioner are a cost-efficient alternative to the central air when installing or when renting central air is quite cost-prohibitive or inconvenient. The window air conditioners can also offer instant relief on hot summer days if central AC installation is in the future plan but not a reality yet. Ensure that the window unit is properly installed, especially if it has potential to fall down from many stories up. Installing such units isn’t hard, but there are a few common installation mistakes that you must avoid and always get it installed by AC Repair Phoenix

Weight Distribution

While installing window air conditioners, many people open the window only, slide their air conditioner in it, and then close the window to the distance it’ll go. This installation way forces the window and it sash to bear weight of AC unit and could damage the window potentially. This is particularly true with the vinyl replacement windows, that can be broken down or easily warped by heavy air conditioners. When installing your system, take time to also attach a wooden strip to outside of the home just below the window to assist support and distribute air conditioner unit’s weight. If unit is very heavy, use L-bracket to install the shelf to sit on for it. Make sure that shelf is constructed from expanded metal or any other porous material so that it doesn’t block the water coming out of the system.


The most popular problem when installing window air conditioners is often installing a unit simply of the incorrect size. To operate effectively and efficiently, the window air conditioner must have cooling capacity of about 20 BTUs per square foot in the room. The unit which is working in a room having high ceiling or in straight sunlight might need to have bit more capacity, but it’s vital to understand that larger isn’t better always. An oversized unit running in smaller room won’t cool better than the smaller unit. The smaller unit running out for a longer time period is more effective than a bigger unit turning itself on/off continually. The most economical and practical way to remain cool is to ensure that the window system is right sized for your space.

AC Repair Phoenix


A window air conditioner unit works harder when it’s located in a badly insulated room. Unluckily, placing an AC in a window needs keeping your window open and also creates opening between the outside and inside of your house. Fill that space between the bottom and top window panes with insulating foam strip. Most of the air conditioner units come with a foam which can be easily cut to size; in case yours didn’t, or if the last year foam is worn, replace it with new foam from a home improvement store. Plastic curtains which slide out from sides of the AC will keep animals and insects from entering in the open window, however it will not stop much of air. Consider buying accordion style insulation panel instead to assist create more insulation.

Keep It Level

ACs remove water from air as a part of cooling process, just like dehumidifiers. This makes condensation to gather inside your unit and drain out from a hole inside the back. Lots of people incorrectly think that window ACs should be installed properly at an angle in order to help facilitate the drainage. In reality, ACs are built with channels and gutters that direct water where it should go when your unit is levelled. Tipping your unit can direct water away from proper channels and in parts of the AC where it shouldn’t be.

Warning Signs That Air Ducts Require Replacement Or Cleaning


Most of the people give less thought to their AC system ductwork until anything has gone horribly wrong with it. It’s a big mistake as some preventative air ducts maintenance can go an extremely long way towards keeping the system running effectively and preserving the inner air quality of the business or home.

Let us face it. Air conditioners are something you cannot just live without. The air ducts are vital infrastructure for an AC system. The ducts offer a conduit for cool air produced by the ac system to flow in the different rooms of your house to attain your needed temperature. When the ducts have leaks or are obstructed,then its time to call AC Repair Phoenix or else it can leads to your unit to lose its efficiency, running your energy bill up and increasing wear on your AC unit.

The air conditioning repair technicians recommend duct cleaning in every few years so as to dislodge the dirt and all other debris in ducts. If the ducts have not been cleaned since some time, here are some signs that cleaning tends to be needed right away.

  • Unexplained spike in the energy bills – If the bills are climbing up and there is no good explanation about the hike, like increased use or mechanical issue with your system, you may have leaks or clogs in the ducts that are decreasing the unit’s efficiency. Air conditioner repair services can evaluate your ducts to find out if it is the issue and take some steps to clean as well as seal the ducts as required.​
AC Repair Phoenix
  • Signs of insect or rodent infestation – If you smell or see evidence that insects or rodents may be living inside your ducts, it is definitely time to get the ducts cleaned. Debris accumulated from such infestations can cause damages to your AC system, decreasing its efficiency. Over the years, the smell from dropping and other debris also can become quite unpleasant. Also, having any contaminants from insect or rodent droppings and husks and shells from the insects circulating through air that you as well as your guests breathe could cause sickness. An insect or rodent infestation in the ducts represents a great health threat, and you must deal with that right away.
  • Debris and dirt around the vents – If you are noticing debris and dirt around the vents, there is a very great possibility that the ducts have developed blockage or have a higher amount of contaminants moving through the system. Higher levels of debris and dirt circulating through the system can aggravate allergies and many other respiratory issues, so it is well worth to have the ducts cleaned regularly.
  • Unexplained respiratory issues – If you or your family members are having unexplained allergies, asthma, sinus, or other respiratory issues, excessive debris and dirt circulating through the ducts might be the issue. Air cycles through the home about 7 times/day, and if the ducts have higher levels of debris and dirt, it can have big impacts on inner air quality. If wheezing and sneezing have become an issue in your house, and if it has been years since the last duct cleaning, then you might want to call your air conditioner maintenance company to inspect and clean your ducts.
  • Visible mold development – Because of humid climate, the mold growth is big problem here. The mold exposure in houses has been connected to lots of health problems, a few of them extremely serious. Mold can frequently cause respiratory issues, throat irritation, eye irritation, and skin irritation as well. People with a compromised immune system or chronic lungs illnesses may have serious infections when exposed to mold.

Things You Should Know About Plumbing


You learn lots of thing during your lifetime, and, certainly, some of the information and facts you pick up are more essential than others. For instance, you learned Pythagorean Theorem, which was useful to pass out the test only you had. Meanwhile, you probably never learned regarding maintaining your home’s plumbing, which is helpful from the instance you move out from your own through rest of your lifetime.

Here you will learn some plumbing information that will assist you identify small issues before they become big disasters, and possibly even assist you stop any happening disaster before it may become worse from bad!

How to shut your water off. The key water shut off valves are either outside on exterior wall or probably in a box below which you will have to open fist, or inside in crawl space, basement, near the water heater, or below the kitchen sink. After you locate the valves, turning the nozzle clockwise slowly until you may no longer do it will shut off the water or call Plumber Phoenix id needed.

Where every fixture closing valve is located. Every toilet and sink in your house has its shut off valve using which you can turn the water supply off to every individual fixture. Take tour around the house locating all the valves so that you know to turn water off if toilet explodes in middle of night.

Where every appliance closing valve is located. Along with main valve and valves that control water supply to every individual fixture, you must also know to shut off water to all your plumbing appliances such as your dishwasher, water heater and washing machine in any emergency case.

How to read a water meter. In case your house is on older side you will read the number on 6 dial counter-clockwise to find out how many cubic feet or gallons of water your household is utilizing. Newer houses usually have digital displays which read such as gas pumps. After you begin keeping a regular track of the readings, you can recognize leaks by noticing spike in water use that cannot otherwise be explained.

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Where sewage system cleaning-out plugs are located. Whether you are linked to private septic tank or public sewer, you should know where the clean-out plugs actually are located. Clearing these plugs usually is the very first step to conquer a clog or to battle a backup.

What the water pressure is. Water pressure must be below 80 psi; anything more than that can lead to leaks as your appliances, fixtures, and pipes are not built to withstand more pressure. You either can pick up water pressure gauge so as to check pressure yourself, or call your water supply company to check the things for you.

Signs of failing down water heater. If the water heater is over 10 years old, the water is coming rusty, your system makes lots of noises, or you see a leakage, it is time to begin shopping out for new water heater right away.

Where your air conditioner condensation lines are. Due to the difference in outdoor temperature and temperature being generated by your AC system, your air conditioner generates condensation. Know where the condensation lines are situated and check them on a regular basis; if your condensation tends to be failing to drains, you can find out yourself with mold and water damages.

When maintaining and learning regarding your plumbing is considered, a little effort will go a very long way. And keep in mind, you do not have to perform it alone! Contact professionals and allow them to find and repair tiny issues before they turn into big, expensive disasters!

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