Don’t forget an electrical inspection before buying a new house

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Planning to buy a new house? Well, if it’s a pre-owned house, don’t forget to get an electrical inspection done by Electrician Phoenix before you finalize things.

Why an electrical inspection?

Well, it’s better always to figure things out at initial stage only. When you know all the defects (if any), you can consider negotiating the purchase price with the dealer. You can get the repairs done timely and get the expenses covered by your seller. In cases where the defects are hazardous, you can cancel the deal altogether. You should know what you are buying. It’s your whole and sole duty.

Danger of avoiding electrical inspection:

Even, after knowing the importance of an electrical inspection people skip this major step. It is a very irresponsible act of such home buyers. They put themselves in acute danger sometimes with this decision. Only a professional and experienced home inspector carries out this kind of essential electrical inspection. Their decisions and reports are accurate and unbiased. National electric codes and rules should be met to pass an electrical inspection. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can’t think of expanding the electrical load of your house in near future. Instead, get everything checked thoroughly beforehand.

Benefits of an electrical inspection:
  • You get to know the capacity of the electric panel by this process. It will reveal the ability of the electric panel and the amount of load it can support.
  • An electric panel should be such that, you can increase your usage of energy without getting a circuit break. Make sure its future ready
  • If the panel is faulty and contains broken components, you will get to know this through the inspection report.
  • Home automation is trendy and makes a place very comfortable. Plan accordingly for issues like this as well.
  • Wiring that is 10 years older is not secure. Like any other objects wires too have an expiry. They just don’t last for a lifetime. Old wires are not reliable at all you see.
  • Inspection will reveal the status of electrical switches and electrical support plates as well. Broken, low quality, untested and burnt switches are a complete no-no.
  • Checks if there are enough faceplates for further usages.
Know the whole status of a house:

Cases where this task was forgotten or avoided got very complicated in past. You are risking your family’s life here as, there can be a fire in such an un-inspected house anytime due to an electricity fault.
Skipping this essential aspect can cause you a lot more financial losses. Your modern and expensive electrical appliances can be damaged if, the wiring is not proper. Inspections are better both, when you buy or even sell a property. Don’t put others at risk. Wiring which is old and weak should be redone for better results. Hire the best and only a licensed electrician for this work. Wires should be checked for any signs of damages. Old plastic wires deteriorate with passing time. Modern non metallic wires are fantastic. They have high performance of working. You will reduce your utility bills with them easily.
Entire house should have adequate number of electrical outlets. Extra fittings should be there for future use. All wires should be healthy and tested. Switches should be in a proper working condition. The lights and bulb fittings should be enough in every part of the house. In cases where, light fittings are proper do check if they light up smoothly. If the switches spark or the bulbs buzz and flicker it’s not a good sign at all. It indicates that they are not maintained or the entire wiring work is a culprit. We wish you move into a happy and healthy house for your safety.


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