Most Common Issues While Installing Window Air Conditioners

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Window air conditioner are a cost-efficient alternative to the central air when installing or when renting central air is quite cost-prohibitive or inconvenient. The window air conditioners can also offer instant relief on hot summer days if central AC installation is in the future plan but not a reality yet. Ensure that the window unit is properly installed, especially if it has potential to fall down from many stories up. Installing such units isn’t hard, but there are a few common installation mistakes that you must avoid and always get it installed by AC Repair Phoenix
Weight Distribution
While installing window air conditioners, many people open the window only, slide their air conditioner in it, and then close the window to the distance it’ll go. This installation way forces the window and it sash to bear weight of AC unit and could damage the window potentially. This is particularly true with the vinyl replacement windows, that can be broken down or easily warped by heavy air conditioners. When installing your system, take time to also attach a wooden strip to outside of the home just below the window to assist support and distribute air conditioner unit’s weight. If unit is very heavy, use L-bracket to install the shelf to sit on for it. Make sure that shelf is constructed from expanded metal or any other porous material so that it doesn’t block the water coming out of the system.
The most popular problem when installing window air conditioners is often installing a unit simply of the incorrect size. To operate effectively and efficiently, the window air conditioner must have cooling capacity of about 20 BTUs per square foot in the room. The unit which is working in a room having high ceiling or in straight sunlight might need to have bit more capacity, but it’s vital to understand that larger isn’t better always. An oversized unit running in smaller room won’t cool better than the smaller unit. The smaller unit running out for a longer time period is more effective than a bigger unit turning itself on/off continually. The most economical and practical way to remain cool is to ensure that the window system is right sized for your space.
A window air conditioner unit works harder when it’s located in a badly insulated room. Unluckily, placing an AC in a window needs keeping your window open and also creates opening between the outside and inside of your house. Fill that space between the bottom and top window panes with insulating foam strip. Most of the air conditioner units come with a foam which can be easily cut to size; in case yours didn’t, or if the last year foam is worn, replace it with new foam from a home improvement store. Plastic curtains which slide out from sides of the AC will keep animals and insects from entering in the open window, however it will not stop much of air. Consider buying accordion style insulation panel instead to assist create more insulation.
Keep It Level
ACs remove water from air as a part of cooling process, just like dehumidifiers. This makes condensation to gather inside your unit and drain out from a hole inside the back. Lots of people incorrectly think that window ACs should be installed properly at an angle in order to help facilitate the drainage. In reality, ACs are built with channels and gutters that direct water where it should go when your unit is levelled. Tipping your unit can direct water away from proper channels and in parts of the AC where it shouldn’t be.


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