Warning Signs That Air Ducts Require Replacement or Cleaning

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Most of the people give less thought to their AC system ductwork until anything has gone horribly wrong with it. It’s a big mistake as some preventative air ducts maintenance can go an extremely long way towards keeping the system running effectively and preserving the inner air quality of the business or home.
Let us face it. Air conditioners are something you cannot just live without. The air ducts are vital infrastructure for an AC system. The ducts offer a conduit for cool air produced by the ac system to flow in the different rooms of your house to attain your needed temperature. When the ducts have leaks or are obstructed, then its time to call AC Repair Phoenix or else it can leads to your unit to lose its efficiency, running your energy bill up and increasing wear on your AC unit.
The air conditioning repair technicians recommend duct cleaning in every few years so as to dislodge the dirt and all other debris in ducts. If the ducts have not been cleaned since some time, here are some signs that cleaning tends to be needed right away.

  • Unexplained spike in the energy bills – If the bills are climbing up and there is no good explanation about the hike, like increased use or mechanical issue with your system, you may have leaks or clogs in the ducts that are decreasing the unit’s efficiency. Air conditioner repair services can evaluate your ducts to find out if it is the issue and take some steps to clean as well as seal the ducts as required.
  • Signs of insect or rodent infestation – If you smell or see evidence that insects or rodents may be living inside your ducts, it is definitely time to get the ducts cleaned. Debris accumulated from such infestations can cause damages to your AC system, decreasing its efficiency. Over the years, the smell from dropping and other debris also can become quite unpleasant. Also, having any contaminants from insect or rodent droppings and husks and shells from the insects circulating through the air that you as well as your guests breathe could cause sickness. An insect or rodent infestation in the ducts represents a great health threat, and you must deal with that right away.
  • Debris and dirt around the vents – If you are noticing debris and dirt around the vents, there is a very great possibility that the ducts have developed blockage or have a higher amount of contaminants moving through the system. Higher levels of debris and dirt circulating through the system can aggravate allergies and many other respiratory issues, so it is well worth to have the ducts cleaned regularly.
  • Unexplained respiratory issues – If you or your family members are having unexplained allergies, asthma, sinus, or other respiratory issues, excessive debris and dirt circulating through the ducts might be the issue. Air cycles through the home about 7 times/day, and if the ducts have higher levels of debris and dirt, it can have big impacts on inner air quality. If wheezing and sneezing have become an issue in your house, and if it has been years since the last duct cleaning, then you might want to call your air conditioner maintenance company to inspect and clean your ducts.
  • Visible mold development – Because of humid climate, the mold growth is big problem here. The mold exposure in houses has been connected to lots of health problems, a few of them extremely serious. Mold can frequently cause respiratory issues, throat irritation, eye irritation, and skin irritation as well. People with a compromised immune system or chronic lungs illnesses may have serious infections when exposed to mold.


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